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 Real Time Noise Monitoring Systems

       Noise pollution in metro cities is a growing concern as it is slowly affecting our body and mind. Loud noises can cause ear discomfort, such as ear ringing, ear pains and hearing loss, etc. Noises above 115db can even lead to deafness. According to statistics, about 50 percent of those who are exposed to the noise above 80db for a long time lose their hearing.
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      Noises can cause decrease work efficiency. Under the circumstance of noises above 85db, one may feel discomfort and distracted, thus he cannot concentrate on his work or study. Long-term exposure to noises may lead to high blood pressure. Especially in night, noises cause much higher rate of incidence of cardiac and neuro diseases.
      We have installed 75 real time noise pollution monitoring stations in 07 metropolitan cities i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Lucknow and Hyderabad. These stations are designed to monitor the environmental noise or acoustic contamination produced by road traffic in cities and roads, airplanes and railway traffic, or noise produced in construction sites.
      Our system is an advanced environmental noise monitoring system with real-time data transmission, generating dynamic noise maps covering areas of interest. The Noise system acquires stores and transmits the noise levels and other meteorological parameters of each location to a Central Station where the data is received, processed and displayed.
      In addition, a website application is made to disseminate the data in real time to the public for their awareness. The remote stations collect and store the data that then is transmitted via a GPRS communications system to the central database, where they are stored. The application accesses this database to display the measured data to the users as numeric data or as time series in graphs. It also allows the data to be downloaded in several formats (CSV, XML, zip) and display the images captured by the cameras installed on the remote station. Noise Monitoring Software
Beside the real time values the following parameters are derived at the server
Description of parameters
Zone Category: (Silence, Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
LAF/S and LCF/S: (Average and Instantaneous)
Lpeak: Lpeak-day; Lpeak-night;
Leq A Day; Leq A Night;
Leq A Day Min; Leq A Night Min;
Leq A Day Max; Leq A Night Max;
Leq C Day; Leq C Night;
Leq C Day Min; Leq C Night Min;
Leq C Day Max; Leq C Night Max;
L10 & L90

      We also provide the consultancy for further analysis to achieve objective like Identification and quantification of sources of noise pollution in metropolitan cities. Mapping and modeling software is used for visualization of data on impact area, Noise maps are used for communicating the noise situation to stakeholders, inform areas of planning such as construction, traffic & transport and to build a common understanding within the community, Software for mapping and prediction to be delivered with proper training to officials for infrastructure development and Report submission indicating Source identification, quantification and mitigation measures.

Embedded LED display systems

      We believe that noise pollution can be controlled to a greater extent in India by disseminating the information to the public and generate awareness towards the effects of the noise on the health. We have designed an embedded display which can be used uninterrupted in the harsh environment at the public places.
Our systems are designed to be rugged towards power suppy conditions.
Embedded noise pollution monitoring display
Some of the major features of our embedded display are:
  • These display do not have any operating system, hard disc or any bootable device. This means it can be switched ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ without any shut down or booting procedures.
  • The LED display are embedded with a program in their BIOS to automatically operate the designated software and handshake with the remote display server.
  • We don't require any UPS system with the LED as there is no operating system to crash.
  • Since there is no writing media; virus or hacking attacks are not possible.
  • The display has highest degree of resolution and clarity thus making readable from a longer distance with a pleasant view.
  • Each system has a SIM card for GPRS connectivity and can be provided with a redundant Wifi or Lan connection.
  • The display moving captions are programmable and the can be changed by the user.
  • Noise pollution display
  • The display can have messages in multi languages and can be defined by the user.
  • The Display disseminate “good wishes“ messages during the local festivals and National celebrations such as Independence day, Republic day etc. These are the best tool for public awareness and organizational face lift in the public.
Beside the above the systems can be tailored as per customer requirements.
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