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Weather Sensors

          Weather sensors by sgs weather With the manual observations becoming obsolete, the requirement of the sensors which are designed to provide the high level of accuracy, reliability and ruggedness is increasing. The quality of the sensors is the essential component for any observational network and directly impacts the performance of the meteorologist analysis and forecast products. We provide the best quality sensors in the field of Meteorology which give reliable and accurate outputs. The testimonies from our customers are our biggest assets.
         SGS Weather is the stockiest of most of the legendary and leading sensor manufacturers including R M Young and others. We sell of-the-shelf sensors to the end-users, system integrators, OEM integrators and research institutes. We provide the repair and after sales service on these sensors through our team of engineers and in house repair and calibration lab.

Wide range of sensors provided by SGS Weather are
buy wind sensors

Wind Speed & Direction Sensors

    We offer the complete range of wind speed and direction sensors. Our wind sensors are used in Automatic Weather Stations, Research, Air quality and general purpose meteorological applications. They come with different Analog and Digital outputs which is compactable with most of the available data loggers. Anemometer only versions of some wind sensors are offered for customers Know More

Atmospheric Pressure

    Atmospheric pressure is an important parameter in monitoring the climate system, as the local and large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns are driven by differences in air pressure. The direction of airflow, above the layer affected by the frictional drag of the surface, is almost parallel to the isobars - lines connecting points of equal pressure. Atmospheric pressure Know More
temperature and humidity sensors

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

    Measurement of Accurate Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) plays a very important role in now casting and forecasting of weather events. RH is the ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor to the equilibrium vapor pressure of water at the same temperature. We provide the complete range of Relative humidity and temperature sensors with different accuracy ranges Know More

& Rain

    Tripping bucket mechanism is the most simple, effective and proven rainfall measurement system. Catchment area of 200 cm2 and measurement resolution of 0.1 mm meets the recommendations of the WMO. For measurement of rain or snow precipitation in sub zero temperature conditions, we recommend Precipitation gauges and Disdrometers. Also these instruments are ideal Know More
pyranometer and solar radiation sensors


    We offer high-quality sensors for solar radiation measurement in meteorology and for PV (photovoltaic) system performance monitoring from Hukseflux Netherlands. Thermal measurements in other sciences and industries are served as well. Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer of solar radiation sensors in the world. These sensors are high quality instruments compliant with the latest Know More
present weather sensors


     PWD series of present weather sensors offer perfect solutions for a variety of visibility measurement applications and precipitation type detection. They are widely used in road weather, waterway visibility measurement and meteorological weather stations. It measures 7 different types of precipitation (rain, freezing rain, drizzle, freezing drizzle, mixed rain/snow, snow, ice pellets) Know More
pyranometer and solar radiation sensors

Combined Weather Transmitter

    We offer Weather Transmitter WXT520 measuring the six most essential weather parameters (wind speed and direction, liquid precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature, and relative humidity) in one fully integrated instrument with no moving parts. The sensor is widely used in different applications including weather stations, industrial monitoring, buildings, marines, Know More
Visibility Sensors

Visibility Sensors

    Vaisala is a biggest name in the field of Runway Visual Range assessment and airport visibility measurement, providing highly accurate results with minimum maintenance and absolute reliable equipments. They are designed according to ICAO, FAA and WMO guidelines. We offer different models for Runway Visual Range assessment and airport visibility measurement, Know More
Ceilometer for cloud height

Ceilometer – Cloud Height

    Ceilometers are used to measure cloud height with laser. Vaisala advanced single-lens design provides excellent performance also at low altitudes. The ceilometer is designed to find the cloud ceiling level, that is, the altitude of the base of clouds and vertical visibility measurements. It detects three cloud layers simultaneously. Know more about the different models offered by us Know More
heat flux sensors

Heat Flux

    We offer Hukseflux, a well known brand of heat flux sensors used in many applications. The most commonly used model is HFP01, suitable for use in buildings as well as soils. We also provide specialized sensors in the measurement of thermal conductivity of plastics, composites, fluids, pastes, and granular materials. Special capabilities include the measurement of composites in Know More
handheld pocket weather tracker

Handheld / Pocket Weather Tracker

    Hand Held wind and weather meters are your portal into the perpetually changing world of weather phenomena. We offer rugged weather meter for athletic trainers, weather enthusiasts, firefighters, military professionals, demanding outdoor customers and all professionals who need accurate environmental measurements. We offer the complete range of sensors to measure heat stress index Know More
mounting accessories for weather sensors

Met Masts and Mounting Accessories

    We supply galvanized triangular mast ideal for installation of different metrological sensor. The masts are standard in design and also accompany the mounting accessories for sensors, enclosures and batteries. Depending on the height requirement guy wire set and lightening arrestor kits are also available. All the towers, foundation bolts and mounting accessories are hot Know More
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