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 Surface and Marine Weather Monitoring Systems

AWS installation across india by SGS Weather Click on Image To Enlarge
       SGS provides complete solution to surface weather observing Network both for Synoptic and Climate Stations. The basic surface observing network is the core of the weather forecasting. The efficient and uninterrupted operation of systems is essential for continuous supply of data to the forecasting models. Thus standardization of network in continuum mode is essential.
      We provide complete customized solutions to all the associated requirements with surface weather observing network. We provide Automatic Weather Stations with different combinations of Sensors, Data loggers, related communication systems and software.
The Surface Weather Systems are broadly classified as

Fixed Automatic Weather Stations

       The permanent weather stations are the most common Surface Weather Monitoring stations which are use by meteorologist. These are the replacement to the manned observatories in the world today. These professional weather stations are equipped data loggers, power source, telemetry and sensors. We have an installation and maintenance experience of more than 800 AWS spread through out the country, which include the 550 Weather stations for IMD, a network of weather stations with various irrigation departments and AWS as part of severe weather warning systems.
       We integrate highly accurate and low power consumption logger with different configuration and channels depending upon the customer needs. Our systems require only a minimal amount of maintenance and can be depended on to perform effectively in all weather conditions and climates. It can also be customized to operate as part of your existing data collection system or AWS network. The main advantage of our design is the low power consumption reducing its requirement to a small solar panel with a small battery bank.
       From synoptic meteorology and climatological research, to hydrology and urban meteorology our fixed AWS is the ideal solution for a range of applications. Our standard AWS includes
AWS Indian Meteorlogical department
  • Triangular Galvanized mast with Guy wires or Tilt able pole mast
  • Electronics enclosure
  • Mains or solar powering
  • Local and remote communications
  • Sensors
  • Mounting accessories
  • Optional data display software
We sell the most sophisticated weather stations available in the world today logging nearly 18 parameters every second and averaging them every minute. These professional weather stations are equipped with different sensors but not limited to
Wind speed & direction
Atmospheric pressure
Air temperature, relative humidity & dew point
Rain/precipitation Model
Weather transmitter
Visibility sensors
Present weather sensors
Solar radiation / Sun duration
Leaf Wetness
Soil Moisture
Soil Temperature
       We can also perform self-tests on sensors, and interface with almost any type of telemetry. The weather station or groups of weather stations can communicate and be re-programmed remotely via any of the telemetry modes. INSAT compatible data relay transmitter provided by us is the direct link for data communication from remote stations to central receiving data collecting centre. UHF/VHF communication is provided for short aperture network. Modems for communicating the data through dial-up/leased telephone lines is also available.

Portable Weather Stations

Portable AWS       The portable weather stations are easy to set up and configure. We sell different models of the portable systems including the most rugged MAWS201. Every sensor is supplied with a cable and connectors for convenient installation. All components fit together easily and no special tools are required in the field. We provide complete documentation to setup the station and configuring the sensor measurements, calculations, data logging schedules and data transmissions. Set-up templates walk you through the initial set-up routines, and a large number of setup options are available for customer to customize.
       Our system is reliable in all the weather conditions. Its corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum construction is rugged and weatherproof. The cables are made of high-quality polyurethane with molded watertight connectors that fulfill the requirements of the IP68 standard. The system can be successfully used for Meteorological research, Civil defense, Environmental impact studies, Emergency response, Fire weather and much more.
       With 5 basic sensors, a solar panel and an internal battery the system weighs just 15 kg. It can be transported in two lightweight carry cases made of cellular polypropylene, a lightweight but very rugged material that provides excellent protection.

Marine Grade Weather Stations

      We install Marine AWS430, which is designed especially for critical maritime weather applications such as ports, ships, and offshore platforms. The AWS430 contains either a water proof outdoor enclosure with various mounting options or 19" equipment rack unit. Marine AWS Outdoor enclosure is designed to withstand the salty and wet conditions that prevail aboard ships and platforms as well as the freeze / thaw conditions experienced in extreme-weather environments. It is also able to endure vibration and shock.
       All the materials of the AWS430 have been selected for their ability to withstand the harsh, corrosive conditions experienced in maritime environments. The AWS430 has successfully passed a wide variety, of environmental, electrical, vibration and shock tests. All test specifications comply with both the Lloyd’s Register approval system and the IEC 60945 international maritime standard.
The AWS meets the EMC characteristics Test Specification used in Marine and Offshore Applications
  1. Triangular Galvanized mast with Guy wires or Tilt able pole mast
  2. Electronics enclosure
  3. Mains or solar powering
  4. Local and remote communications
  5. Sensors
  6. Mounting accessories
  7. Optional data display software
The High-quality anti-corrosive design with integrated Gyro and digital Compass which gives output products including accurate true wind calculation even from multiple sensors makes the system unique.

The Standard Sensors Options are:

  • Wind speed & direction
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Air temperature, relative humidity & dew point
  • Precipitation Model
  • Water temperature sensor
  • GPS Satellite Compass
  • Visibility sensors
  • Present weather sensors
  • Ceilometer
  • Wave and tide sensor
  • Water Current sensor
  • Water salinity sensor
  • Water level sensor
  • Ship motion sensor

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