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 Mobile Weather Monitoring Vehicle
       Our Mobile Weather Research & Operational Vehicle solution is tailor made as per the customer and project requirements. We make our solution compact, self – contained and autonomous. Rapid deployment is the major design criteria for these solutions.
The Weather instruments complement in our Mobile Weather Research & Operational Vehicle may include but are not limited to the following:
  • Wind Speed / Wind Direction
  • Temperature / Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure (QNH, QFE)
  • Visibility / Present Weather Sensors
  • Present Weather (Precipitation Identification)
  • Ceilometer for Cloud Height and Sky Condition
  • Radiosonde with launching accessories
  • Solar Radiation
  • Lightning / Thunderstorm sensors
  • X band Radars
  • Acoustic Wind profilers
Any other sensors or instrument as required by the customer. The system comes with complete integration including data reception , archival and analysis platform.
       Our Mobile Weather Research Vehicle solution are designed, manufactured and supplied as complete self-contained units in a number of variations. They are designed to work and withstand extreme climatic conditions. They are ergonomic and aesthetic in design.
The project for supply of the Mobile Weather Vehicle includes
  1. Consultancy Services for the design of vehicle in operational and Transport mode
  2. Engineering & Architecture
  3. Electrical and mechanical design
  4. Structural design high wind & Cyclone operations
  5. We also provide Consulting and Technical Services for
    1. Instrument Coverage analysis
    2. Performance studies
  6. Our project execution services include
    1. Electrical and mechanical works
    2. Installation of equipment and systems
    3. Operation and maintenance training
    4. On-The-Job training
Our after sales include Yearly maintenance contracts & Urgent Maintenance requests. Our systems are for rapid deployment and can be used for various applications
  • Extreme Weather studies
  • Tactical Military air strips and artillery requirements
  • Remote airstrips
  • Training exercises
  • Disaster Recovery operations
Other Major equipments which are integrated with our system are
  • Trailer, Highlift system, commercially available Truck chaises
  • Working cabins
  • Heating & Cooling systems
  • Main / standby power Generator
  • Ground to ground communications
  • Recording / timing / GPS
  • Operational Consumables
  • Industrial grade IT Equipments
  • Navaids monitoring
  • All other Ancillary equipment and accessories
We design, procure, integrate and deliver according to your requirements.
mobile weather research vehicle in India by SGS Weather in transport mode Mobile Weather Research Vehicle in transport mode
mobile weather research vehicle in India by SGS Weather in operation mode Mobile Weather Research Vehicle in operation mode
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