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Turnkey System Solutions

turnkey weather solutions by SGSD Weather       SGS Weather provides the complete turnkey solutions in the field of Weather and Environmental projects to the customer including site selections, supply of equipments, installation, operation, training and long term maintenance. We at SGS work as per the customer project need to provide a commercially and technically viable solution. From a customer’s prospective a turnkey solution gives them value for investment and also a durable system with stable life cycle, which makes project to be cost effective with dependability. The complexities involved in the observations systems require continuous maintenance and hence comprehensive solutions is the only option for best results. We work beyond the box moving concept and add value to the systems by our experience and expertise.

Environmental Monitoring Solution

    SGS Weather provides complete end to end solution for Environmental monitoring including water quality monitoring, air quality / pollution monitoring, trace gas monitoring, UV spectro photometer for Ozone monitoring and noise monitoring systems.The integrated network solutions are available and our expertise
environmental monitoing
in providing integrated turnkey solution as per customer requirement. SGS provides GSM/GPRS communication for all environmental monitoring.
  • Online Water quality monitoring
  • We provide complete solution for stand alone and online water quality monitoring with stations capable of measuring of pH, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, Dissolved Oxygen Dissolved ammonia, Bio-chemical Oxygen demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), nitrates and chlorides etc. We provide complete turnkey solution with communication, data reception, archival and analysis in network mode.
  • Air quality / pollution monitoring
  • The ever increasing pollution of air in industrial and metro cities poses great health hazard. We offer complete solution of monitoring TDS, PM2.5 and PM10 both in standalone and network mode along with turnkey solution with communication, data reception, archival and analysis in network mode.
  • Trace gas monitoring
  • Climate change is the major concern for sustaining echo system and civilization on the earth. The trace gases like CO2, NOX, SOX, methane, ozone etc play crucial role in global warning. We provide complete turnkey solution for Trace gas monitoring in network mode.
  • UV Spectro photometer for Ozone monitoring
  • The both surface and vertical ozone play very important role in shielding us from hazardous UV-B and UV-C radiations. We provide equipments to monitor both surface ozone and vertical ozone profile for research and operational use.

Hydrological Solution

    Water is the most essential input to all human activity and essential for survival of humans. Abundant supply of water through monsoon precipitation and accumulation of snow in glaciers is provided by nature. The efficient water management is the key for efficient storage and usage of both surface and ground water.
    SGS Weather provides complete solution to Water Management through Hydrological observations, network solutions, catchment modeling, discharge management and Flood control. GIS solutions are provided for on-line generation of products and complete solution for control and command system is provided.
  • Automatic Rain Gauge Station
  • We have complete solution for automatic Rain measurement with rain gauge , Disdrometer and present weather sensor. We also have Optical Rain Sensor for advance applications.
  • Flow-meter Ultrasonic / Mechanical
  • We provide complete solution for water flow and water discharge measurement using the advanced ADCP and dual Microwave Radar system without any contact to water.
  • Catchment modeling
  • We have a hydrologist in our team with a vast experience in catchment modeling for prediction of flood in the downstream of river using latest GIS software
  • River Discharge modeling
  • The combination of flow meters, water level meters and charterization of river basin is one to estimate river discharge. We provide the complete solution with latest software.
  • Flood Forecasting and Management Centre
  • Sophisticated flood forecasting systems using snowmelt, flood plains and wash lands, flood defenses, including control-gates etc., tidal effects near the sea, and sea-surges are available with a comprehensive software for advance flood forecasting.
  • GIS Solutions
  • We provide GIS Mapping Software for hydrological use. We also develop GIS based software and flood plain solutions as per the customer requirement

Atmospheric Remote Sensing

     SGS Weather provides end to end solutions for advanced atmospheric remote sensing solution for the measurement of atmospheric temperature, humidity and wind profiles and turbulence measurement. The cutting edge technology systems are offered to meet the operational and research requirements of users.
  • Scintillometer for measurement of Atmospheric turbulence
  • SGS Weather is a partner of M/S Scintec,GMBH. Scintec develops, manufactures and markets advanced atmospheric sensors using optical and laser Scintilometer, radio wave and acoustic techniques for remote probing of atmosphere and measuring turbulence parameters like Cn2, CT2 etc.
  • SODARS for measurement of boundary layer wind
  • We provide Scintec SODAR system (SFAS, MFAS & XFAS) with RASS for lower atmosphere cost effective wind and temperature profiling. contact to water.
  • Wind Profilers for measurement of boundary layer and troposphere winds
  • We provide Scintec complete range of Wind profiler (LAP Series) which includes LAP 3000, LAP 8000 and LAP 16000. These wind profilers are proven system and used worldwide for operational use.
  • Radio acoustic sounding system (RASS)
  • We provide Scintec RASS solution to profile lower atmosphere temperature profile, which is very useful for forecasting fog and Temperature inversions. These are operationally useful for aviation forecasting.
  • Microwave Radiometer for vertical temperature and humidity profiler
  • SGS Weather is a partner of M/S Radiometer Physics GmbH. Radiometer Physics is a company with a long experience in high frequency engineering. RPG has a long tradition of building complete radiometers as well as customized components for integration into larger experiments. RPG manufactures Microwave Radiometers remotely measure vertical temperature, humidity and liquid water profiles with high accuracy. The radiometers are most accurate and advanced in the world.

Coastal Oceanography

    We at SGS provide all types of weather and sea monitoring at coastal environment and provides state of art-integrated solutions. The high-resolution data loggers are used for acquisition of marine data at the remote sites. The remote stations are networked to central stations for data acquisition, processing, visualization and archival. The complete application software is provided by SGS to monitor the coastal environment data by the user for various applications.
    Pressure Tide gauge
Pressure cell sensors are available to measure the change in sea level regularly to the extent of 1 mm.
     Shaft Encoder Tide gauge
We provide secondary standard precision shaft encoders to measure the sea level in a stilling well.
     Microwave Radar Tide Gauge
26 Ghz Microwave Radar with data logger is provided to measure water level without any contact to sea surface. This is the most reliable and optimized solution for water level monitoring. We provide the complete solution using above sensors with communication for real time network and warning generation systems.

Software Development

    A team of dedicated software engineers specialize in Seismological, Meteorological and Communication software. We also provide commercial software for forecaster workstations, GIS Software and Seismic software. Customization of software to suit to user's demands is our strength. SGS assures trouble free operation to your system through our team of software engineers.

Road Safety Systems

    SGS provides all kind of Road Safety and Road Monitoring equipments and solutions.
The Road Traffic Monitoring System has been designed basically for allowing the road Traffic Authorities to obtain, in real time, and at a very reasonable cost, very valuable information about vehicles traffic, such as Vehicle Counting, Average Speed Assessment, Individual Speed, Length classification, Presence Detection, Occupancy and Headway, Time Gap Measurement, etc.
The Road Safety System has been specifically designed with the aim of offering advanced solutions for increased road safety, integrating an entire series of new technologies covering the measurement, process, transmission and spreading of environmental data that can be of such significant influence on the safety of vehicles that are circulating. The Road Safety System likewise incorporates diverse types of traffic detectors, classifiers, counters and speed meters for vehicles, these being of tremendous utility for the authorities and those responsible for road and motorway management and conservation.

Land and Air Survey Systems and Solutions

    A team of dedicated software engineers specialize in Seismological, Meteorological and SGS provides all kind of Mobile Mapping products and solutions including equipments specifically designed for commercial applications, including aerial survey and remote sensing and land-based mobile mapping. SGS offers a fully integrated, turnkey solution for high-productivity in-motion surveying, direct data geo-referencing, and robust mobile mapping.

Communication, Network System & Solutions

    Communication is the backbone of all kind of network solutions . SGS Weather has a long expertise to design and provide system specific communication solution and network management. SGS provides complete Seismological & Meteorological data networking solution using V-SAT, GSM/GPRS, INSAT/DRT, Land Line and Internet media. SGS has technology partnership with leading V-sat provider, Internet, GSM/GPRS provider and offers integrated solutions for Weather, Seismic and environmental network.
The Hot Redundant Server Solution is a unique system designed by SGS R & D engineering team, which finds application in critical operation oriented system such as: Airport Control, Defense, Critical Data acquisition and dissemination system, Disaster Management etc. SGS also provides mass storage devices including Raid Systems, DAT drives and other external mass storage devices for data banking.
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