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25th August 2017

High-Range Vaisala Ceilometer with Air pollution monitoring in IITM Pune

The Lased based back scattering measurement system has been supplied and commissioned at IITM , Pune for the measurement of cloud and atmospheric pollutants including aerosols up to a height of 15 km. The multi layer clouds can be easily detected with base height and thickness up to a height of 13 Km, whereas backscattering measuring can be done up to 15 Km. This has provided IITM an important tool to map the atmosphere up to 15 km and data is usefully utilized in mapping the vertical distribution of pollutants using Sky Condition software.

19th April 2017

SGS Weather launches a new Subsidiary to manufacture Frangible Towers for approach light and AWOS Systems for Aviation Application

Approach light and AWOS Systems, Aviation Application SGS Weather & Environmental Systems Pvt. Limited, India. Under the Honorable Prime Minister Initiative “Make In India” started manufacturing unit and now in full phase of production under SGS Frangible Towers Pvt. Ltd, which is a leading Indian manufacturer of Frangible towers, mast, poles for hoisting weather equipment’s (AWOS), ILS, Approach Lights etc. at Airports. Both triangular lattice and pole type frangible structure are manufactured for various airport applications. The towers and mast are made out of fibre glass composites to give frangibility in the products with strength and durability against high wind and Jet Blast.

SGS Frangible Towers are fully tested in compliance with ICAO guidelines Aerodrome Design Manual Part-6, chapter 5 and FAA (FAA AC 150/5345-45C) guidelines. The complex combinations of material and pultrusion process enabled to achieve the characteristic required for frangibility as per ICAO guidelines.

25th February 2017

First 8 KM Wind profiler system commissioned in INS Rajali

Wind profiler system,INS Rajali Under the project for modernization of nine Met Offices of the Indian Navy at different locations with fully automatic state-of-the-art Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological System (IAAMS). In addition the project has been implemented on turnkey basis with system integration, fiber optic network, display units and other associated civil works.

SGS Weather recently installed and commissioned 8 Km Wind Profiler in INS Rajali along with other AWOS, DCWIS, Solar Radiation Equipment’s.

14th August 2016

SGS Weather install first of its kind indoor solar calibration setup in the country

SGS Weather Calibration Lab is "one-stop solutions provider" for solar radiation calibration. We offer indoor Calibration services of all makes and models of Pyranometers and Outdoor Calibration Facility for Pyrheliometer. SGS Weather Solar Radiation Calibration is designed to calibrate the all Pyranometers according to the “Direct beam calibration (type IIc) of the ISO 9847” Solar Energy – Calibration of field Pyranometers by comparison to a reference Pyranometer. During the calibration procedure, the output signals of both the reference and the test Pyranometer are recorded simultaneously. From these recordings, the sensitivity of the test Pyranometer is calculated.

22-23 February, 2018

SGS Weather Sponsors SPIN 2018, 5th International Conference

SGS Weather Renewable Energy India Expo Signal Processing and Integrated Networks,SPIN-2018 was organized by Amity University, Noida, on 22-23 February 2018.The Conference aims to bring together scientists,academicians and industrialists working in the field of Signal Processing and Integrated Networks to discuss new ideas and promote research work.
       The conference was devoted to all advancements in Signal Processing and Integrated Networks. Researchers from all over the country and abroad gathered in order to introduce their recent advances in the field and thereby promote the exchange of new ideas, results and techniques. The conference was a successive catalyst in promoting research work, sharing views and getting innovative ideas in this field. This two-day conference offered a unique opportunity to gain insight into state-of-the-art technology in the field and to network with international researchers and scientists. SGS Weather & Environmental Systems proudly sponsored and participated in this conference and wishes good luck to the organizing committee for their future endeavors.

5-7th December, 2017

SGS Weather jointly with Hukseflux India participated in Inter Solar Expo, Mumbai.

SGS Weather Renewable Energy India Expo SGS Weather jointly with Hukseflux India participated as exhibitor in Intersolar India from 05th Dec to 7th Dec 2017 held in Mumbai. This is the 4th time in consecutive year we have participated in Inter Solar Indi This year scale of Intersolar 2017 was small as compare to last year’s due to un-stable solar market, however, we were able to meet most of EPC companies and other clients under that roof. Approx 300 to 400 persons visited our booth for the information of our products.
Overall our participation in Intersolar has been very productive and also it is good to see the Hukseflux Brand recognition in India.

17 March,2017

SGS Weather delivers 100 numbers of DDS (Digital Display System) to INCOIS for Ocean and Fishery warning

SGS Weather Renewable Energy India Expo Nearly about quarter of the Indian population is residing along the coastline. Information on the resources and state of the ocean, surrounding the Indian peninsula, is vital for the socio-economic development of the country and safety of the public and sea navigators. Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad is an autonomous body of Earth System Sciences Organization (ESSO), under Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Govt. of India. ESSO-INCOIS disseminates its valuable services (PFZ information, Ocean state Forecast, Early Tsunami warning) to the coastal community of India through Telephone, Fax, Internet, Email, SMS, Doordarshan as well as Electronic Display Systems, called Digital Display Systems (DDS).
Keeping in view of the above, SGS Weather designed, manufactured, supplied and Installed 100 Nos. of DDS with siren & power autonomy at different locations Fish landing center/harbors and disaster warning offices etc. situated all along the coastal districts of India and Islands

June, 2016

SGS Weather Engineers visit Vaisala Helsinki for Advanced training

SGS Weather Renewable Energy India Expo SGS Weather has sent two senior engineers for advanced training for Vaisala Equipment’s in Helsinki, Finland in June 2016. They have been trained by Vaisala for installation and after sales support of Vaisala instruments. This training has helped SGS engineer to provide complete support for Vaisala products in India.

23rd - 25th Sept, 2015

SGS Weather participates in Renewable Energy India Expo,2015

SGS Weather Renewable Energy India Expo        Renewable energy is a growing market in India. SGS Weather has participated with great success, to Renewable Energy India Expo 2015 held on 23rd - 25th Sept.
       Renewable energy Project Developers, EPC Providers, System Integrators, Consultancy Organizations and CSP Project Developers are our biggest customers with SGS Weather providing them end to end solution for Solar Radiation Resource Assessment stations, Solar Radiation sensors, Meteorological stations and PV analyzers. We specialize in data integration with SCADA and data analysis services.
       We would like to thank all the people who visited our stand and contributed to the success of the exhibition.

12 May, 2015

200 Digital Standard Barometers Commissioned for India Meteorological Department

SGS Weather Renewable Energy India Expo        Almost all the Meteorological stations functioning under India Meteorological Department are equipped with Mercury Barometers. Mercury barometers are not produced now in IMD laboratory because mercury being a protoplasmic poison it requires extensive safety measures for conducting distillation and filtering of mercury in the Laboratory. Also critical components required for production of mercury barometer are nowadays not available in the market.
       In order to overcome this it is decided by IMD to procure good quality digital barometers to serve as standard for surface pressure at Meteorological stations. As a first step towards this goal, SGS Weather has supplied 200 digital barometers including in-built power backup to IMD. These wall mounted Digital Barometer are designed to be compact and hassle free to operate 24/7. They have been installed to various IMD Stations. These barometers are proven international standard with very high degree accuracy and with automatic temperature compensation.

March 30, 2015

AWOS system operational and commissioned at Durgapur Airport

BAPL-Airport-operational        SGS Weather commissions AWOS system at India’s first Greenfield private airport -named after Bengali poet Kazi Nazrul Islam - at Andal, on the outskirts of Durgapur. The authorities of Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited (BAPL) are hopeful that flight operations would soon begin from the aerodrome from April 14.
       The AWOS includes Vaisala transmissometer LT31 along with Ceilometer and other meteorological sensors.

November 1, 2014

SGS Weather commissions Phase-II Noise Pollution Monitoring Network in INDIA

       SGS Weather has successfully installed and commissioned the network of 35 Noise Pollution monitoring stations in India for Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) for phase II. The installation has been done in 7 metro cities namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkatta and Lucknow. These stations will augment the existing 35 sites in the same cites installed by SGS Weather in 2011.
       The data is being logged every second and averaged every 2 minutes. The data is transmitted to the central server with GPRS communication and is also decimated for public awareness through embedded LED screens at the public places. The project has been highly appreciated by the people in regard to the awareness for a noise free society. The Noise Monitoring Network now comprising of 70 online monitoring stations is a unique network and largest of its kind in World.

June 14 , 2014

SGS Weather completes NIWE formerly known as CWET (SRRA phase II project) with installation of next 60 solar radiation stations

       SGS Weather has successfully installed and commissioned the network of 60 Solar Radiation cum Weather monitoring stations in India for National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) for phase II. The installation has been done in across the country for the measurement of solar energy potential. The system includes Solar Tracker, Pyranometer, Pyrheliometer, Temperature & humidity, Wind Speed & Direction, Pressure and Rain gauge sensors. These stations will augment the existing 51 sites installed by SGS Weather in 2011. The complete number of Solar Energy Monitoring stations is now 111, which are working in network mode.
       The data is being logged every second and averaged every 1 minute. The data is transmitted to the central server with GPRS communication. Presently our country is focusing on exploiting rich source of Solar Energy to meet the energy demands and a mission mode project is launched to create Solar Energy parks across India. Solar Energy is a source of pollution free energy which can fulfill the energy demand of the country. With the help this network data, high solar energy pockets are being identified for optimal use of the solar energy.

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